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Nov 16, 2021
In Mini Truck Mods
Just wanted to see what everyone is having luck with for offroading their trucks. Specifically suzuki carry's! As some of you will know we played with a lot of them from DD51's all the way up to DA63T's. As we were never big fans of trying to combine on road and offroad in one truck here where some of our quick go-to setups. DD51's - 2" Lift kit, HD front springs, 23x8-12 atv tires on 12" atv rims. (depending on the truck bolt pattern) For the 4x115 trucks you can go with any 12" rim with that pattern and a 5+2 Backspacing with NO spacers required. DB52T/DA62T/DA63T - 2" lift Kit with camber correction Bolts for the lower strut bolts, (HD Front springs less necessary unless you have a front bumper mod or winch) Same 23x8-12 ATV tire but need a 4x100 bolt pattern rim with approx 4+3 Backspacing. We NEVER run 4x4" Bolt pattern rims... Tried it once and was extremely uncomfortable with the end product. Thats us, you do you. Vision Wheel used to make a 12x7 with a true 4x100 Special ordered for the mini trucks. Not sure if this is the case anymore. What are some setups that worked for you?


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